Sharp Chemical produces Sealants, Industrial Adhesives, Water Repellent . Our clients are from DIY users to professionals.

Sealant Application Instructions on using the SK Pouch Series
Instructions on using Bath Sealants Instructions on Waterproof Coatings
Storing Sealants Post-Earthquake Procedures
Instructions in installing Wall-Mount Mailboxes How to use Cartridge gun
Many customers have been asking about the methods of construction.
Sharp Chemical is pleased to present some DIY methods of construction which are commonly asked. Hope the instructions will help more DIY customers.
Sealant Application
It seems easy, but there are many things to watch out for when applying sealants.
From construction to aesthetics, there is much more in play than simple sealing and waterproofing.
We are delighted to show you the steps to professional construction.
Instructions on using the SK Pouch Series
Our current society has problems concerning waste disposal. To solve this problem, we created the SK Pouch Series with the help of packing companies. We are delighted to provide instructions on using the SK Pouch Series products.
Instructions on using Bath Sealants
These instructions consist of a step-by-step picture guide.
Our Bath Sealants are extremely easy to use.
Detailed product information can be found according to specific areas (bathrooms, sinks, bathtubs, kitchens)
Instructions on Waterproof Coatings
These instructions are for large areas and difficult operations. These instructions are also applicable for other operations other than swimming pools and bathrooms. It is necessary to be patient and thorough with the foundation.
Storing Sealants
If a container is empty, proceed as if it were garbage. However, throwing away non-empty sealants is very wasteful. Sealants are different from adhesives—sealants can usually be stored for a week.
We are delighted to present instructions on storing sealants.
Post-Earthquake Procedures
Sharp Chemical has learned from the Great Hanshin earthquake. It is our pleasure to present to you some tips and tricks just in case, even though we unfortunately cannot predict all possible situations. For more information, you may contact us at
Instructions in installing Wall-Mount Mailboxes
Use Transparent M (Modified Silicone) to seal the gap between mailboxes and walls.
How to use Cartridge gun