Sharp Chemical produces Sealants, Industrial Adhesives, Water Repellent . Our clients are from DIY users to professionals.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself), Reparations
Do It Yourself! Make your life more comfortable.
Sharp Chemical mainly produces and sells sealants, waterproofing materials and adhesives used in constructional sites.
These products have a wide range of applications even in our daily lives.
Sealants are sold as a paste, and after curing, they become elastic and rubber-like. Some of these products are completely weathertight (waterproof and airtight). They can be used to repair cracks or fill in joints.
Waterproof products can be used to protect buildings from rainfall, and can be used on balconies or rooftops.
Elastic adhesives can be used to strengthen mortar and fasten panels and stones.
Sharp chemical has Pouch Type products for DIY users. They are specially designed easy of use. Different products have different specifications and uses at different construction sites such as weatherability, followability, paintability, etc. Make sure that you choose the correct product for the job.

Outdoors Reparation of Siding Joints of Regular Houses Non Paintetable Wall Caulking    
Paintetable  Paintetable Modified Modified Silicone NB-LM  
Cracks of Outer Walls and Mortar Non Paintetable Wall Caulking Modified Silicone M Pouch Modified Silicone M
Paintetable  Paintetable Acrylic Paintetable Urethane  
Roofs and Balconies Tiles Tile Stop Bond Silicone S Pouch Silicone S
Polycarbonate Roofs of Garages Polyca Seal    
Sash Surroundings Wall Caulking Modified Silicone M Pouch  
Modified Silicone M    
Indoors Water Facilities Installation and Reparation of Bathtubs and Skins Bath Seal Silicone S Pouch Silicone S Anti-Mold
Silicone S    
Sealing Pumping Pipes Silicone S Pouch Silicone S Silicone S Anti-Mold
Others Sealing Emergency Guides and Exits
Firefly Caulk
Automobiles Mobile Sealer 919 NEO
Waterproof Treatment of Roofs and Balconies Biso Coat
Reparation Cracks of Intensity Required Concrete Mega Hard 1
Reparation of Automobiles, Seal and Adhesion of Metals Mega Hard 1