Sharp Chemical produces Sealants, Industrial Adhesives, Water Repellent . Our clients are from DIY users to professionals.

Our company's Paintable Series and Non-Bleed products are famous for quality, quantity, and colour varieties.
They are what earned us our reputation. To insure our customers and clients, we introduces the non pollution Guarantee.
Our company guarantees only paints and specific coatings that we have tested.
Bleeding is when plasticizers in the sealants bleeds through the paints or coatings and creates a sticky surface(as shown in the right picture).

The coating becomes sticky, which stickes the waste in air. Then the joints turn dark.
The bleeding-preventing type sealants are called Non-Bleed or NB Sealants.
Paintable Series・Non-Bleed Type
Paintedable Series: Designed with the assumption that paints or coatings will be applied, so make sure to apply some.
Non-Bleed (NB) Type: Designed with the assumption that paints or coatings will be applied, but will still function if exposed. Because the colour variety is so vast, it is recommended to choose this series with a colour in mind.
Paintedable Series: Paintable Modified, Paintable Asi NB, Paintable Urethane, Paintable Acrylic
Non-Bleed Type Sealants: NB-LM, LM-1 NB, M-2 NB, U-2NB
About the special coatings, please contact us.
Please be sure to register the  following two parts with us.
Registration of Sealants and Specified Coatings
Only 「Specified Coatings」 that we test and access are under warrantee.
We will present more details on 「Specified Coatings」upon registration.
Property Information Registration
Records of construction dates, subjects, sites, prime contractors and other contractors.
If the application info is not completed or false, and also when it does not meet the requirements, there might be rejections to the registration. Please store the registration form really carefully.

Bleeding contamination and adhesion of paints/coatings are not quite tightly related. Bleeding contamination is caused by incompatibility of raw materials. Cracking is caused by a difference in followability between sealant and paint/coatings. We believe that with bleeding is very avoidable; cracking, however, is more difficult to avoid.
For more information on the Paintable Series, refer to the Product Support.

Paintable Series
Sharpie Paintable Modified
Sharpie SHARPIE Paintable Asi NB
Sharpie Paintable Urethane
Sharpie Paintable Acrylic
Non-Bleed Type
Sharpie Modified Silicone NB-LM
Sharpie Seal LM-1 Multicolor
Sharpie Seal M-2
Sharpie Seal U-2NB