Sharp Chemical produces Sealants, Industrial Adhesives, Water Repellent . Our clients are from DIY users to professionals.

Q&A about Sealants and Fillers Q&A about Sharp Chemical Products Q&A about Construction
Q&A about Adhesives
Q&A about Sealants and Fillers
What's modified silicone? Bleeding? Stress relaxation? Sealant compatibility?
We have gathered the most frequently asked questions over the lifespan of this company and present it here.
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Q&A about Sharp Chemical Products
Questions about specific product designed by Sharp Chemical.
Q&A about Construction
Help with do-it-yourself (DIY) projects? Which sealants are for which rooms? Why are paint not drying?
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Q&A about Adhesives
What adhesives are on the market? Which adhesive should I use? What are the health concerns?
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